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Prime Your Drip-Less™ Glue Gun

What’s different about our new glue gun? It’s actually quite awesome…

Think back to elementary school science class. As you probably remember, when things heat up they expand and need someplace to go – like how steam shoots out of a tea kettle when the water is boiling. When you heat up your typical glue gun, the glue expands and has nowhere to go except out the nozzle.

Our new Drip-Less™ Glue Guns have a special chamber inside – and an innovative piston mechanism that suctions the excess hot glue into that chamber. An additional benefit to this piston/chamber combo is that it reduces stringing as well. While it’s not possible (yet) for a gun to be totally drip-free, we can vouch that these new guns greatly reduce dripping and stringing by up to 90% – sometimes more.

Now, in order for the Drip-Less™ glue guns to work properly, air needs to be purged out of that special chamber I mentioned above. We call it “priming” or “burping”. It’s quick and easy, and you only have to do it once.

Here's an instructional video too:

Once you prime your gun, you shouldn't have to do it again. On rare occasion, there might be some air bubbles in the chamber. Your glue gun should perform better once you use it a couple of times. 

Of course, if you have any trouble, feel free to contact our Customer Service Team!